Plants keep our air clean and our lives healthy. They are now being used more and more to complement interior and exterior decorations at our homes and offices. Most of the times local nurseries have less variety and a tendency to push to unsuspecting customers the plants which they have. Local vendors have little knowledge on how to care for the plants once bought and even when they do provide such tips they are not comprehensive.

Plantmojo strives to bridge these gaps and offers all kinds of plants online under various subcategories, one can search by various sub features. An easy to understand cue card is delivered with each plant which explains how plant care can be optimized whether in terms of light requirement, water requirement, potting soil mix, fertilization, propagation, general care tips, whether they are air purifiers or not etc. We have also mentioned whether some plants come under NASA recommended air purifiers or if they fall under Dr. Wolverton’s list of air purifiers.

By Location: Tabletop, Office desk, Indoor, Outdoor, Balcony, Patio, Bedroom and Dining room, Washroom, Kitchen, Modular organic garden, Rooftop, Close to window, Landscaping, along the hedge etc. The optimum position of a plant actually depends on its light requirement and whether it can survive strong draughts of air or not. For each plant though there is an optimum position where it prospers the most, but that position can change with seasons.

By Light requirement: Some plants can tolerate quite a variance in lighting, i.e. can survive from low light to high light conditions, while some are proper indoor and require minimum light and others are proper outdoor plants. Some plants require light but cannot tolerate direct sunlight, while some can only grow under the shade of larger tree but cannot be grown indoors.

By watering requirement: Low, Medium or High, Low means once a week or more during summers and once a fortnight or more during winters, high will mean at least once every teo days during summers and once every 3-4 days during winters or more.

Potting mix: Under tips for care we have mentioned the optimum potting mix required for each plant and when we send in the plants, we take care that relevant potting mix is provided along with the plant.

Propagation Methods: We do mention whether air layering, grafting, leaf cutting, simple seed use or other propagation methods are useful for the plant.

Various kinds of foliage plants are available e.g. Aglaonemas, Crotons, Dieffenbachias, Dracaena, Money plants, Philodendrons, Snake various varieties, Syngoniums etc.

Flowering plants like Adeniums, Anthuriums, Aster, Begonia, Bougainvillea, Carnations, Geraniums, Gerberas, Jasmine, Lilly plants, Ixora, Geranium, Plumeria, Orchids, Rose etc.

Various kinds of succulents and Cacti are also available


We at Plantmojo also provide seeds online, eg Vegetable Seeds like Herbs, Indian vegetables, English vegetables. We also provide seeds by season i.e. those which work in summers, winter and fall season. Flower seeds with season, Lawn grass seeds, medicinal plant seeds, microgreen seeds, Forestry seeds, Bamboo seeds, Gardening kits, Flower bulbs etc are provided.


Planters by Type of material i.e. Plastic, Clay, Bone Chine, Ceramic, Glass, Wooden, FRP, Metal, Germination trays, Bamboo, Hanging baskets etc. Various shapes like hexagonal, stone shaped, cylindrical, cuboidal, Oval etc. are available. Planters are available in various colors and size ranges. Special planters for corporate and for gifting purposes are also available and we strive to increase that range with time to cover all budgets and aesthetic tastes.

We also provide pebbles which can be used for decorative purposes.