Aglaonema tigress

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Aglaonema tigress

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It has glossy, dark green, oval-shaped leaves with gray-green stripes that look like the stripes of a tiger. It is easy to care, easy to grow, hardy plant. It can be kept in low light conditions like the office, dining room, etc. All aglaonema plants have origins in Thailand and they are also known as Chinese Evergreens. It is a NASA recommended air purifier, which removes Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air.

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Watering: Hardy plant survives without water for 5-7 days. Normally requires everyday watering during summers and twice a week during winters. Loves humidity Light: Indirect bright light and also low light



Potting-mix: They need moist soil and are humidity loving plants. Garden manure mixed with gardening soil should be used as the potting mix. The pot should have a drainage hole. Should not be kept in a small pot.

Watering: If left un-watered for 5-7 days, the plant survives. Avoid overhead watering. Also, avoid overwatering and muddy soil as this results in root rot. Should be given water every day in summers and twice a week in winter. Moisture-loving plants, hence if kept outside, place it under a canopy or below the shade of plants. If kept indoors, keep a water tray with pebbles, below the pot. Alternatively, use peat moss or coconut husk above the soil which has to be kept moist.

Lighting: Early morning sunlight is ok, but cannot be kept in direct sunlight. Indirect bright light is best eg. Verandah, close to the window in the office, even tabletop for the office. Of course, they can also be kept in low light conditions like dining rooms, inside the office and can survive without taking too much care.

Propagation: Carefully pull the plant from the pot. Remove the root ball along with as much soil as possible. Plant each single separated plant into a pot of quality potting medium, make the soil firm around the stem and water thoroughly. Use a fungicide while repotting.

Fertilization: Fertilizer to be given in February & September liquid fertilizer (Organic & NPK) every 15 days is good. 3 parts mud and 1 part cow dung manure. As the plant is prone to fungus, use half a teaspoon of fungicides like neem oil or malathion.

General Tips.

Should not be kept in airy conditions eg in front of cooler or near the door. If the tips of the leaves become brown or burn out, it is probably due to high Chlorine or Fluorine in the water. Leave the tap water out overnight or use RO water. Aglaonemas are prone to root rot if the soil is kept soggy.

Plant Size: 5 inches to 9inch

Plant Spread: 4 inches to 8 inch

Pot Size: 5 inch

Weight: 300-450 gm

Max reachable height: Rarely exceeding heights of 3 feet

Air purifier: Yes

Common name(s): Chinese evergreens

Bloom time: Seasonal bloom


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