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10 easy tips to take care of Jade Plants

By: :Ravish Sharma 0 comments
10 easy tips to take care of Jade Plants
  • Need sunlight, can be kept indoors near South facing or west facing windows. If no sunlight, then plant will start shedding leaves.

  • If kept completely indoors, should be kept outside in the sun once a week in typical Indian conditions.

  • Well drained soil is best for the plant (cocopeat and vermicompost mix), can also thrive in sandy soil.

  • Grows best at room temperature, 13 Degrees to 25 Degree Celsius is best. If kept outside should be kept in semi shade condition, eg in the shade of a larger plant.

  • Let the water dry out before  watering again, but water deeply specially during summers.

  • Don’t splash water on the leaves, if your water is salty use distilled water.

  • Don’t keep the plants in windy areas specially during winters. Keep them away from cold windows in winters.

  • Leaf dropping, shriveling of leaves or brown spots on leaves is an indication of less water.

  • Squishy leaves is an indication of overwatering.

  • Use fertilizer sparingly, diluted mix of ferts once every 3 months is enough

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