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Top 10 indoor plants for Indian conditions

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Top 10 indoor plants for Indian conditions

Few things add to the aesthetics of a well decorated home. A bookshelf, a small bar table, a center table in the kitchen are a few things which come to mind, which give a rich man’s house feeling to any normal home/apartment. All these things take up a lot of space. Well-tended indoor plants, in aesthetic pots placed in the right corners are also one of those things. Houseplants are one of the top 10 trends which are growing by the day specially amongst stressed out millennials. For some they are stress busters, for others they are like pets which fill the void in their lives, for a few they are that hobby which gives them that “Me” time, where they are one with their true nurturing self.

Snake Plant : It’s the top recommended indoor plant for not one but three reasons – Easy to care for, Air Purifier and Stunning to look at. Snake plant is one of the easiest plants to care for. They are native to Tropical West Africa. Water should be given every 2-3 days in summers and every 4-5 days in winters. Minimal fertilisation is required, giving NPK with a little bit more Nitrogen, once a year is enough. They are NASA recommended air purifiers, they remove VOCs like Benzene, Formaldehyde and Xylene from the air. They are amongst the few plants whose stomata opens up in the night, which makes them purify air during the night as well. They come in Green, Golden and variegated shades and they are available both in large and small sizes.

Peace Lily : Why they are amongst the top 10 ? - Amongst the few flowering indoor plants, air purifiers, easy care. The flower (spathe) is a white colored leaf collection which normally grows during early winters. Looks cool, is very calming and soothing, hence the name “Peace” “Lily”. Again just like Snake plants Peace Lillies purify the air, are found amongst NASA recommended air purifiers list, in Dr Wolverton’s list of air purifiers etc. Peace lily removes Formaldehyde, TCE (TrichloroEthyline) and Benzene from the air. They are native to Tropics of Americas and South East Asia. Watering once every 2-3 days in summers and once a week in winters is enough. They flourish in a soil mix of garden soil, perlite and sand. They naturally prosper in dappled sunlight, so placing them near an east facing window is good for them.

Peperomia – Why they are on this list ? – Lush green, ideal for indoors. They are indoor plants which are semi succulents, They have thick green spoon shaped leaves. They look beautiful, but are more care intensive. Water should be given once every week. Any overwatering kills the plant in no time. Extreme temperatures, cold below 12 degrees and heat above 35 degrees kills the plant. But when you are able to put it in a place which is good and manage to not overwater, the stunning looks give you an internal pleasure of plants well
cared for. That’s why it is number 3 on our list, as it is a plant meant for plant carers.

Spider – Air purifier plants, moderate care requirement, ideal for hanging planters, Spider plants are any plant lovers delight. Within a few days small pups start growing, which can be then cut, planted in water and then as the roots grow planted in wide mouth planters to give that cute light greenish touch. They also come in many varieties, the most common being the one with light green leaves which are yellow on the side and the dark green leaves with yellow stripes.

Money Plant – Money plant is found in every home. They are common because they can survive in any condition. It can prosper in any kind of soil, whether Clay, drought condition soil or soil full of small stones. Can survive in low light to direct sunlight, can be propagated easily as well. Removes indoor pollutants and is an air purifier. Can be placed in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets. Variegated, Green and Golden are the most common varieties.

Syngoniums - This semi-tropical plant is commonly known as the Arrowhead vine. The plant has various varieties like pink syngonium, green syngonium, variegated syngonium, pink veins syngonium, yami syngonium, dwarf syngonium etc. They have pink to green leaves in various degrees with pinkish veins, and leaf structure changes as the plant matures, going from a simple arrow shape to a deeply lobed or divided mature leaf. Syngonium belongs to Araceae family. It is considered as a perfect Feng Shui plant and is very easy
to grow and maintain. The plant is also featured in Dr Wolvertons list of air purifiers. If you do get a pinkish variety keep in mind that if exposed to sunlight the leaves turn greenish, so to keep them pink, place them under dappled sunlight.

Areca Palm – They are my personal favourites. Why ? Almost no care needed apart from right placement and regular watering. Lush green look, almost gives a tropical forest feel to the sorroundings, atmosphere 3-4 degrees cooler in its vicinity, adds to the overall appeal specially in hot summers. Anyone sitting nearby cannot ignore this plant, eyes keep wandering to it as looking at this plant is very soothing. For watering keep the soil moist. Self watering pots are a good option for them. Bright indirect sunlight is best for the plant, hence best
place to keep the plant is indoors near any window.

Lucky Bamboo – This is like a small version of Palms ideal for tabletop. Comes in various artistic shapes and designs, look best when placed in a glass or any transparent pot. As the name suggests they are considered lucky for the owners, available in 2 layer, 3 layer, 5 layer combinations. Larger ones are available in curly design etc. If placed in a large decanter or a glass vase they can just look absolutely stunning. Though be careful to order in glass pots if you have dogs or babies around.

Rubber plant – This has burgundy colored leaves and thus if put close to other green plants, the beauty of the plant gets highlighted. It is a good plant if you want to ads colors to your drawing room. Actually this plant can grow very large, but if kept in a small pot the growth is restricted. It is also a NASA recommended air purifier which removes Formaldehyde from the air. For best results it has to be kept indoors in good light areas, outside keep in shade else leaves lose color.

ZZ Plant – These are amongst the top selling plants for indoors online or offline, why so ? ZZ plant is easy to care, which is also an air purifier as it removes Toluene and Xylene from the air. It looks lush & healthy and
grows everywhere. Ideally one should keep this plant at a place which gets 3-4 hours of morning/evening indirect sunlight. It is an excellent table top and office plant.

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