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What to do when jade plant sheds leaves ?

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
What to do when jade plant sheds leaves ?
This is one of the issues which people face, specially when the plant has been recently transported. The reasons are : 
a) Lack of adequate light : This is the most common reason, Jade plant cannot be placed completely indoors, needs a little bit sunlight. Ideal placement is to keep it near an east facing window, else in the shade in balcony. Else at least once a week keep it outside. When you receive the plant, immediately place it outside for 2-3 days and give water as the plant has travelled quite a distance.
b) Under or Over watering : Soil maybe staying too wet. Damp soil damages the roots, either by preventing them from “breathing” - root cells need access to oxygen, just like all living cells - or by promoting the accumulation of fungus and/or anaerobic bacteria. Damaged roots can’t absorb water, thus no water gets to the leaves, which get soft and ultimately turn yellow and fall off. If the soil is too dry, the effect on the leaves will be the same: the leaves don’t get moisture, they get soft, turn yellow, and fall off. Give water when the top 2 inches or so become dry and then too don't let water to accumulate. Also if the water is salty at your place, use RO water.
c) Lack of nitrogen in the soil - Use some home made fertilizer to boost the plant, for example use water which has grounded coffee beans at the base and has been kept for 2-3 days like this. We have also seen good growth when the last leftover water after washing vegetables is used to water the plant.  
Finally, repotting is a good option. If it has been more than 2-3 years since the plant was repotted, the soil has probably lost some of its texture and vitality. Removing old soil and replacing it with new, good-draining mix (use perlite, vermi-compost and cocopeat) can work wonders. Pruning the dead leaves and longer branches also helps.
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