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Tips for Care - Areca Palm (Golden Cane Palm, Butterfly Palm, Madagascar Palm, Dypsislutescens, Betel Palm, Yellow palm)

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Tips for Care - Areca Palm (Golden Cane Palm, Butterfly Palm, Madagascar Palm, Dypsislutescens, Betel Palm, Yellow palm)

Areca palm gives a lush green look to the surroundings, with evergreen foliage. Areca Palm is one of the easiest and relatively disease-free plants to grow indoors. Areca palm is recommended by NASA study as one of the ten best air purifier plants. With its long, graceful feather-shaped fronds, this palm will add a tropical feel to your home and is exceptionally well suited for patios and atriums.

Potting – For the potting mix, use 1 part of Coco peat with ½ soil & ½ compost, with a little bit of cow dung manure. The pot should have good drainage. Repotting should be done every two years.

Watering Requirement – Keep the soil moist by watering twice a day in summer & 3-4 days in winter. The plant loves humidity. Use any of these methods – Keeping it with a group of plants, Placing water and pebbles filled tray below the pot, providing sphagnum moss or coco coir 1-inch layer at the top of the plant should be kept moist. Under-watering results in brown tips of leaves.

Light Requirement – Bright indirect sunlight is best for the plant. Under direct sunlight, growth is less. Hence best place to keep the plant is indoors near any window.

Propagation – To propagate an areca palm, remove one offshoot that grows from its base, keep its roots intact, and plant it elsewhere. While this is vegetative propagation, it is not the same as growing from the cutting.

Fertilization – Fertilizer should contain all the micronutrients with extra potassium and manganese. Use a palm fertilizer, which will have all the micronutrients and extra potassium and manganese. The best time for fertilization is during spring.

General Tips –Avoid overwatering. Treat bugs through baking powder solution. Root rot is due to overwatering. Yellow leaves - If kept outside, a little bit of yellow leaves is ok, but if kept indoors, then this is probably due to soil pH issues. Make it better by adding vermicompost. Sometimes it is attacked by white-colored bugs called mealybugs. The solution is to spray baking soda solution mix (1 spoon baking soda, one spoon neem oil & very little soap in 1-liter water) every 15 days.

Maximum Reachable height: Maximum Areca palms rise from 20 to 35 feet tall with a crown spreading 10 to 20 feet.

Air purifier: Nasa Recommended, it removes, Benzaldehyde, carbon monoxide & benzene from the air.

Common name(s): Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Madagascar Palm, Dypsislutescens, Betel Palm, Yellow palm

Bloom time: During late spring or early summer

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