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Tips for care - Dracaena Marginata Plants

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Tips for care - Dracaena Marginata Plants
Dracaena Marginata plants are also known as Dragon tree plants or Massangeana plants. They grow up to be stunning plants and also, remove harmful chemicals from the air. They are great indoor plants as well as stunning foliage plants. Due to their ability to survive in low light conditions, they are planted in malls and offices.

Potting – The right mix will be slightly acidic and also contains high nutrient content. The potting mix can have one-third compost or fine bark chips, one-third perlite or vermiculite, and one-third coco peat. The container should have a hole, and there must be some space between roots and the container walls, so the container should be slightly bigger than the

Watering Requirement – Give water only when the top 2-3 inches becomes dry, i.e., once every 2-3 days in summer and every 6-7 days in winters. Water should be at room temperature and not too cold or warm. Yellow leaves mean underwatering, while brown leaf tips mean overwatering. Use of distilled water is preferred as the plant is intolerant of high Fluoride or Chloride levels.

Light Requirement – The plant prefers medium light but survives in low light as well. The plant leaves burn if exposed to bright direct sunlight and hence is an indoor plant. Under low light conditions, the rate of growth of the plant is lower.

Propagation – Dracaena marginata foliage grows the stems which are called canes. To propagate the plant, one can cut the cane into pieces about 2 inches long, each with one node, keeping the top 4 to 6 inches of the cutting for use as a tip cutting. One will get faster results and stronger roots if one rolls each piece in rooting hormone.

Fertilization – Should be carried out monthly during the spring and summers with standard liquid fertilizers.

General Tips – Trim and prune yellow leaves or brown spots. Don’t keep the plant in an extremely cold environment. It will not grow well below 18 degrees Celsius. Dracaena is reportedly sensitive to excess salts and fluoride, especially the soil-free lucky bamboo version. If yellowing and browning of tips develop, you can try flushing the soil well, then watering with rainwater or distilled water.

Maximum reachable height: 6 to 10 ft
Common name(s): Massangeana, Dragon Tree Plant
Bloom time: Summer

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