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Tips for care - Eranthemum (Black Kodia)

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Tips for care - Eranthemum (Black Kodia)

Eranthemum is also known as the "Black Kodia" plant. These are amongst the best plants for beginners. They have beautiful foliage & used as ornamental plants which can be kept in the corner of the room. Eranthemum belongs to the Acanthaceae family & is native to tropical Asian countries. In Hindi, it is called "Gulshan." It has got five petals flowers.

Potting- Potting soil should be well-drained. The potting mix should be two parts sand + 1 part garden soil + 1 part manure/compost plus a little bit of Coco peat.

Watering Requirement – Requires abundant watering during summer. The plant should give the water at least once or twice daily. Between watering, the soil should dry out a bit. In winter, water moderately, once a week. The soil should be somewhat moist. The plant loves humidity for which - you can plant it in a group with other plants, use a tray with pebbles filled with water below the pot, put some moss or coconut husk above the soil, and water it, Do misting of leaves also while watering. 

Light Requirement – It can be kept indoors with indirect sunlight to get sun during morning and evening. If kept outdoors, keep in the shade of other plants or a greenhouse.

Propagation – Take a small cutting 4-5 inches from the top without flower, add a bit of rooting hormone. The cutting can be minimal with a few leaves. Put some perlite on top of the garden soil above the cutting. It takes root within 20 days. Independent sources also form, which can be re-planted.

Fertilization – They are hardy plants & need fertilizer maybe only twice during the year.

General Tips - Mealybugs can be removed by harsh watering or manually. Grow up to 2 meters. Large plants get white-colored, blue, or red flowers.

Common name(s): Kala Kodia, Black Kodia, Black Magic Eranthemum, Gulsham

Bloom time: Summer-Fall