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Tips for care - Graptosedum Darley Succulent

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Tips for care - Graptosedum Darley Succulent

It is a beautiful succulent having thick green leaves with red tips, and it whirls around itself to give it a rosette shape. It has a clump-forming habit and grows to a few cms (18-20 cms) in height. Used as an ornamental plant. As it is a drought-resistant plant, so it fails to survive in freezing winters. It is better to keep your plant indoors during winters.

Potting - Re-pot it only if it goes beyond the pot size. Use well-draining potting soil and a few inches bigger pot than the previous one. A mix with two parts coco fiber, two parts bark, 1 part gravel, 0.5 part sand, two parts compost or perlite is best.

Watering Requirement – Its requirement is low to moderate, i.e., if the plant is young, it needs water regularly, and once it gets matured water, it once in 14-15 days. Always ensure once the soil gets dried, only then water the plant.

Light Requirement – Needs full sun or partial sunlight as it is a succulent plant. It requires at least 6 hours of full daylight.

Propagation: Leaf or stem cuttings for propagation. Any leaf that breaks off from the plant can develop roots and emerge out as a new plant. 

Fertilizer: It can grow well in any organic fertilizer. The soil in which such succulent grows should have a low balanced fertilizer with equal parts of NPK (8-8-8 or 10-10-10).

General Tips – Overwatering is a cause of immediate root rot and kills the plant almost immediately.

Maximum Reachable height: 10 -12 inch

Bloom time: Spring and Summers

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