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Tips for Care - Green Syngonium

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Tips for Care - Green Syngonium

This semi-tropical plant is commonly known as the Arrowhead vine. It is available in various colors, and its attractive foliage changes in shape as the individual leaves mature. It is considered a perfect Feng Shui plant and is very easy to grow and maintain. Syngonium features in Dr. Wolverton's list of air purifiers.

Potting- Forest humus, Sandy loam, and Sphagnum moss. Alternatively, 1/2 garden soil, 1/4 Coco Coir & 1/4 perlite. These plants are aggressive, rapid-growing vines, so the frequency of repotting depends somewhat on how big you want the vine to get. Repot yearly to get a more extensive vine. While repotting, use a handful of vermicompost.

Watering Requirement –Loves humidity, once every two days in summer and every 5-7 days in winter. Do not keep the soil moist all the time; else root rot will happen. Overwatering/ under watering results in brown spots on leaves. The plant loves humidity, so any method to increase humidity around the plant can work, e.g., Pebble trays filled with water at the bottom, grouping plants together, misting, using moss or coconut husk at the top of the soil soaked in water, or using a humidifier.

Light Requirement – Filtered sunlight, bright indirect sunlight is better for the Syngonium plant. Give your plant bright light but no direct sun. Syngonium Green prefers partial shade, while variegated variety can handle the more direct sun. It can be grown indoors or under a green net outdoors. Since they love humidity and need dappled sunlight, they are good plants for bathrooms and kitchen also.

Propagation – Syngonium plants root readily from stem cuttings and propagate in spring or summer months. If your plant has aerial roots along the stem, take a section of stem with attached roots to increase your odds of success. It can be easily propagated by cutting below one node in a slight angular fashion & leaving only 2-3 leaves (Other leaves should be pruned).

Fertilization – Use composite fertilizer & NPK (1 spoon BAP & 1 spoon NPK

fertilizer in 1-liter water) in spring and summer every 15 days. Feed regularly throughout the growing season.

General Tips - Don't keep the soil moist all the time, else root rot will happen.

Maximum Reachable height is up to 3 ft.

Common name(s): Arrowhead Vine, Goosefoot plant, Nephthytis

Bloom time: Rarely flowers indoor.