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Tips for Care - Juniper Plant

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Tips for Care - Juniper Plant

It is a beautiful evergreen conifer. It has gorgeous, very soft leaves that look like needles or scales. The plant can be trimmed, wired, and planted in a Bonsai pot and looks like a coniferous tree and hence is a trendy bonsai plant.

Potting- These plants are pretty salt-tolerant. Hence it’s a good plant for areas with salty soil. It can be grown in any soil, but the soil should always be well-drained.

Watering – Water in such a manner that soil should be moist but not soggy. Water only when the topsoil becomes dry, i.e., once every 1-2 days in summer and twice a week in winter. Overwatering results in rapid root rot & kills the plant.

Light Requirement – Juniper is an outdoor plant but should not be kept in direct sunlight. If kept indoors, it should be put outside 2-3 days every 10-15 days. Rotate the plant periodically, to ensure proper growth. Else, it tends to grow towards the source of light. The plant can tolerate temperature variances but cannot tolerate very high and low temperatures.

Fertilization – Fertilize twice during a year with manure, compost & neem Khali mix. Once a month, use nitrogen-rich fertilizer like NPK solution (one spoon in one-liter water). The plant needs acidic soil so give sirca or apple cider vinegar (one spoon in 1 liter of water) once 15-20 days. One can also use dry used tea leaves to give acidity to the soil.

Propagation – Cutting of juniper can be used for propagation. Plant them from July to November, they will develop next spring if they get the proper care. Use peat moss & perlite mix in a six-inch pot. Add water and make the soil moist. Bleach, drain the roots, and add some rooting hormone. And then pot in a planter with a hole.

General Tips – If leaves start to become brown, the brown leaves only should be removed. Also, brown leaves are an indication of fungal attack / overwatering. Use fungicide (Malathion or chimida phosphorus) or neem oil. It is a very hardy plant and resistant to most pests and diseases.

Max reachable height: 15 feet

Bloom Time: Anytime

Air purifier: Yes