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Tips for care - Mondo Grass

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Tips for care - Mondo  Grass

Mondo grass is also known as monkey grass. It makes a great cover grass for the ground, albeit it cannot tolerate high heat mid-Indian summer. It can grow well in dappled sunlight and can thus be used as a great landscaping tool wherever one has a good shade of trees. It’s a slow-growing plant and can be easily sub-divided.

Potting – Mondo grass prefers loose, loamy soil. They can tolerate clay but will have problems if the soil does not allow the roots to breathe. The ph of the soil should be between 5.5 to 6.5. If the pH is lower, then to raise the pH of acidic soils, add wood ashes or use a treatment product containing lime. If the pH is higher, add some bark chips from coniferous trees or use a soil treatment product containing sulfur. Potting mix can be 1/3rd garden soil + 1/3rd river sand + 1/3rd manure or vermicompost. Add a little bit neem Khali. Alternatively 1/2 Coco peat and rest perlite, Lime, Sphagnum moss. Alternatively, one can use African violet potting mix.

Watering Requirement – Moderate watering is enough. In summers, one can water twice every week, and in winters, give water once every week, once the plant has grown. 

Light Requirement – Place mondo grass in areas that receive dappled sunlight throughout the day. It can grow under full sunlight but not under the Indian summer heat. Also, it will flourish in low-light areas but will not develop lush mounds but will instead be leggy.

Propagation – Mondo grass is propagated through seed germination or plant division. Sterile potting soil is best for seeds, which take anywhere between two weeks to three months to grow. If own or fresh seeds are used, then the number of seeds turning to plants is more than market seeds. For division, take a well-established clump of mondo grass, break the clump into smaller chunks. Plant the pieces in the locations you would like them to grow in. Water them properly and keep them well watered for the first few weeks until they become established. The best time to use the division method is early spring or early fall.

Fertilization – Needs little fertilization; twice a year, feeding of fertilizers is enough. Ideally, fertilize during the spring season. Fertilize dwarf mondo grass every three months during the growing season using 10-10-10 nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, slow-release fertilizer.

General Tips – Mondo grass migrates a little bit in the container—this is a slow-creeping grass that will fill the space available.

Maximum Reachable height: 8 inch 

Common name(s): Monkey grass

Bloom time: Spring

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