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Tips for Care - Orchid Plant

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Tips for Care - Orchid Plant

Orchids are one of the largest plant species in the world, with over 28,000 different varieties. They are long-lived plants which with proper care, will bloom again and again for many years. Orchid flowers are yellow, white, pink, lavender spotted or striped. Orchids are beautiful and long-lasting replacements for cut flower arrangements. Orchids are delicate plants, but with proper care, they bloom and look fantastic indoors. They are amongst the few indoor plants with natural, beautiful flowers.

Potting- An ideal potting mix should retain moisture, rapid draining, provide good circulation, and slow to decompose. Orchids are epiphytes & they tend to cling to hard objects. Hence a good combination is Fir bark or birch, Spaghnum moss, peat moss, coconut chips, perlite, and lava rock or small stones. One can also use Birch chips and Coco peat. Don't use garden manure, compost, garden soil, etc., in potting mix. Pots should have holes or slits on the side. If holes are not there, the root will suffocate & the plant will die.

Watering Requirement –Best way to water is to dip the pot in water, keep it for 3-4 minutes & take it out. Suppose more Sphagnum moss is then water once every seven days, else give water once every 2-3 days in summer and every 15 days in winter. Don't water from the leaf or flower but to the potting mix. Water left above the leaf will result in leaf rot & kill the orchid.

Light Requirement – No direct sunlight; plant prefers diffused sunlight. Under direct sunlight, the leaf will burn. So keep orchid indoors at a place that gets filtered light.

Propagation – For flower growth, don't cut it from below; cut as maximum as possible higher from above the node. The new flowers will bloom from there.

Fertilization – No need for fertilizer at all; if at all, then use orchid-specific fertilizer. While trying to re-pot, don't separate their bulbs at the bottom as they store the plant's energy and don't cut aerial roots.

General Tips - Well-drained soil, right pot with slits, sparse watering & indirect bright light is the key to getting beautiful flowers.

Maximum reachable height: Up to 2 feet

Common name(s): Members of the family Araceae

Bloom Time: Round the year.

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