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Tips for Care - Pleomele or Song of India

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Tips for Care - Pleomele or Song of India

Pleomele is a bright foliage plant. It is an ornamental plant, hence used in hotels and landscaping. This plant is native to Madagascar and some other islands on the Indian ocean. Traditional Madagascar healers use pleomele to reduce malaria symptoms, treat dysentery, and as a tea mix.

Potting: The planter must have a hole. This plant needs well-drained soil. Potting mix can be 1/3rd Cocopeat, 1/3rd sand & 1/3rd garden soil.

Light Requirement: Temperature is best from 15º Celsius to 27 º Celsius. Bright, filtered sunlight is best for the plant. So it can be kept in the east-facing window but slightly away for consistent light.

Watering: It is a tropical plant. Hence the plant loves humidity. For this purpose, one can keep a pebble-filled tray at the bottom of the pot or put some Sphagnum moss or Coco Coir drenched with water at the top of the soil or group with a set of plants. Water during summers when soil is dry at the top, so once every 1-2 days. During the rainy season or winter, give water only when the soil is almost 50% dry in the pot. So should provide water, once every 5-7 days.

Fertilization: Fertilize when the plant is in the growing season, i.e., spring. In winters, the plant goes into hibernation. People think that the plant is not responding well & give fertilizer at that time. Since the plant is in hibernation, it does not respond to fertilizers. If fertilizers given in winters, then it results in burnt leaves. It is usual for the leaves to get wilted during winters at the sides, so no need to panic.

Propagation: Propagate through cutting. New shoot sprouts grow from below the cutting position. Plant 3-4 cuttings in the new soil for the bushy look. 6-8 inch length cutting should be cut. The bottom 3-4 layers of leaves should be removed & cutting should be allowed to dry for a day before planting. Also, the leaves should be cut by 2/3rd so that they don't take up much energy, which helps in nutrients for root growth. Cut the stem at the base in a slanted manner. One should scrape the cut stem at the bottom slightly above slanted cutting on the other side of the cut. Rooting hormones like rootex, root vein, etc., should be applied at the stem cutting portion. For better rooting, high temperature & moisture is suitable. Hence the cutting should be covered by polythene in winter or summer. They can also be propagated by using stem cuttings and potting in water.

General Tips: From time to time, trim the plant as it helps in growth. Removal of discolored leaves is an excellent idea to keep the plant tidy.

Max reachable height: 2 feet

Bloom Time: Autumn and Spring

Air purifier: No