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Tips for care - Rhoeo Plant

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Tips for care - Rhoeo Plant

Rhoeo plant has green leaves with purple at the back. It propagates very well below the shade of a large tree. If planted below a tree in a short time, it covers the entire area. They can also be kept indoors under bright light and airy regions.

Potting - One part soil + one part sand + One part manure should be kept in a root-bound pot. Repotting should be done when roots cover the entire planter.

Watering Requirement – Does not tolerate over-watering soil should be allowed to dry before further watering. Water every 4-5 days during winter and every during summer.

Light Requirement – Indirect light and air are enough for the plant. If planted indoors, the plants should be taken out every three days. The plants prefer direct light but not bright sunlight or heat. So ideally, the plant should be kept outside in the shade.

Propagation – Propagation should be done between July to September. The new plants grow automatically. They should be taken out and planted deeply in a new, unique pot.

Fertilization – Apply any organic fertilizer.

General Tips - Sometimes, the plant develops spider mites or fungal infection (brown patches on the leaves) to treat to use neem oil or fungicide.

Max reachable height: 0.50 to 1 feet

Common name(s): Moses in a basket, Tradescantia spathacea, Moses in the Cradle, Oysterplant, Boatlily, Moses-in-a-boat.

Bloom time: Seasonal bloomer

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