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Tips for Care - Ruffled Fan Palm (Big Potato Chips or Licuala Grandis)

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Tips for Care - Ruffled Fan Palm (Big Potato Chips or Licuala Grandis)
The shape of the leaves looks like big potato chips; hence it is also known as big potato chip palm. The scientific name is Licuala Grandis. It is native to Southeast Asia or tropical mountainous areas. It has got gorgeous corrugated green leaves. These are a little bit smaller palms and hence can fit in smaller spaces. As container plants, they can be easily placed in areas like balconies, decks, patios, etc., where people gather.
  1. Potting - Soil should be acid-rich & should contain humus or coconut husk for moisture retention. The soil mix should be well-drained. A blend of perlite, vermiculite, and coco peat is good. The container or pot should have suitable drainage holes at the bottom. They do not require repotting for 3-4 years.
  2. Watering Requirement – The plant loves humidity; hence daily misting is essential. Use coconut husk or sphagnum moss layer at the top for water retention. Give water daily during summers and once in 3 days in winters after allowing the soil to dry out a bit. If the frond tips turn brown, it means that the humidity levels are low.
  3. Light Requirement – They will do ok in the sun but not in direct sun or dry wind conditions. They make excellent container plants as the roots are small. If not in the pot, the plant should be kept in a partial shade area with little or no direct sun exposure. The plant is a good choice for indoors or landscapes. If kept indoors, the plant should be kept in bright light condition.
  4. Propagation – Plant matures in 8-10 years & seeds come, which should be put in a medium draining mix soil. But it takes a long time to germinate.
  5. Fertilization – Fertilizers should be given during the spring season.
General Tips – Should keep this plant away from heating vents, cooling vents, or any place where a draught of air comes, e.g., below a ceiling fan. The plant is about three ft. across. For insect attacks or diseases, one can use neem oil, Eucalyptus oil, or citrus oil for primary treatment. When you are repotting, be a bit careful and don’t disturb the roots too much. Dead and infected parts should be removed.
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