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Tips for Care - Sedum Pachyphyllum

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Tips for Care - Sedum Pachyphyllum

This plant is a native of Mexico. It's a bush forming or ground-hugging succulent. We can call it by different names such as jelly beans, many fingers, blue jelly beans. It has yellow-green leaves that cluster densely at stem apex with noticeably redder leaf tips and is often used as an ornamental plant. It attains its height up to 30cm. It produces five stellate flowers in April-May, and its leaves are evergreen. Sedum pachyphylllum is one of the most typical succulent varieties. The leaves look like fingers and have reddish-pink tips if fully healthy. 

Potting: A mix with two parts coco fiber, two parts bark, 1 part gravel, 0.5 part sand, two parts compost or perlite is best. Whenever you decide to re-pot it, make sure to use a drained water pot as roots get rot if their bottom gets wet for an extended period. 

Water requirement: Before watering, check the soil a few inches deeper. If it is dry, then it's high time to water it. Give water once every 3-4 days during summers and once every week or two weeks during winters. 

Light requirement: It is a stress-tolerant plant and hence bloom better in both direct sunlight and partial sunlight. The plant can also grow indoors if kept in bright light conditions.

Propagation: we can propagate it by using leaf or stem cuttings. Its leaf has the potential to grow into a new plant. To propagate a plant from a stem cutting, cut off leaves located on the stem and allow them to dry & then place them into the soil. To encourage growth, ensure that the potting soil remains slightly moist until the cutting shows signs of growth. Do not overwater; otherwise, it will not survive.

Fertilizer: Slow-release fertilizers with a low to moderate nitrogen content incorporated into the potting mix are usually adequate for the growth of the sedum.

General Tips – Be very careful to avoid overwatering. The plant flowers during summers and had got yellow flowers. They are also known as stonecrop succulents due to the fact that probably only stones need lesser care. These succulents can grow in any area which gets less sun and water.

Maximum Reachable height: 10 -12 inch

Common name(s): Stonecrop succulent, Many fingers succulent, Blue jelly beans succulent, 

Bloom time: Spring and Summers

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