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Tips for Care - Sedum Rubrotinctum (jelly beans succulent)

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Tips for Care - Sedum Rubrotinctum (jelly beans succulent)

It is a famous succulent plant with jelly bean-like leaves. Sometimes, these leaves turn bronze during summer. That is why it is also called pork and beans. It is the hybrid plant of Sedum pachyphyllum and Sedum stahili. It is best adapted to deal with dry, warm conditions as it causes severe skin irritation, so it is better to keep the children and animals away from consuming it. These plants are native to Mexico.

Potting: A mix with two parts coco fiber, two parts bark, 1 part gravel, 0.5 part sand, two parts compost or perlite is best. If you decide to repot it again, do it during Spring and do it only if the plant is coming out of the pot. The repotting container should allow the water to drain out.

Water Requirement: It is a water-resistant plant and thus requires little water for its growth. Before watering, check the soil a few inches deeper. If it is dry, then water it; otherwise, there is no need to water it. Water it once every 4-5 days in summers and once every week or fortnight in winter.

Light: They show different adaptations in different lighting conditions. The plant can grow well in full sunlight and partial sunlight as well. These succulents can also be grown indoors. Place them in brightly lit places if kept indoors.

Propagation: We can propagate the plant by using stem cuttings. To propagate using stem cutting, cut off the leaves from the stem, let the stem dry and keep it in the soil. Make sure to keep the soil moist until it starts to grow. One can also propagate by using leaf cuttings. For it, cut off leaves located on the stem and allow them to dry & then place them into the soil. To encourage growth, ensure that the potting soil remains slightly moist until the cutting shows signs of growth. Do not overwater; otherwise, it will not survive.

Fertilizer: It can be fertilized with a balanced fertilizer (equal proportion of NPK) once every month during growth season, i.e., Spring, and summer but with 1/4th of the recommended strength. 

General Tips: When the plant is repotted or even brushed against, the leaves tend to fall. These leaves can be repotted again, and some of them grow back into the succulent plant.

Maximum Reachable height: 10 -12 inch

Common name(s): Sedum Rubrotinctum, Christmas Cheer succulent, Pork and Beans succulent

Bloom time: Spring and Summers

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