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Tips for Care - Starlight Ficus plant

By: :PLANT MOJO 0 comments
Tips for Care - Starlight Ficus plant

The plant has got beautiful variegation on the leaves with dark and white colors & a brushed effect of variegation. Belongs to the Ficus family. Because of variegation, the ficus becomes a little bit more delicate as compared to regular ficus plants.

Potting- If potted in a planter, the soil should be well-drained. If in the garden, then dig a hole, place some river sand & plant it there. They like root-bound conditions, hence can be easily grown in pots.

Watering – It has moderate water requirements and should be kept damp. It will grow much faster in a high humidity environment. To provide humidity, can use any of the methods - 1) Provide tray with water and pebbles at the bottom of the pot, 2) group the plant with other plants if kept outside, 3) put a top layer of sphagnum moss or Coconut husk, and ensure it remains moist 4) provide a humidifier and 5) use misting while adding water.

Light Requirement – Should be kept in partial shade. It cannot tolerate the afternoon summer sun. 

Fertilization – Every month, two fistfuls of vermi-compost and every 15 days give liquid fertilizer. The easiest way to make liquid fertilizer is to use cow dung manure & sarsonkhali mix, keep in water overnight, use the filtered liquid as fertilizer. The plant likes humidity in its surroundings. Keep it close to water. Spray water on the leaves for better results.

Propagation – Cutting should be taken at least 3-4 leaf layers below the top and planted. Plant the cuttings during the rainy season. One can also propagate the plant through air layering. For air layering of this plant, remove the bark from a small area or a half-cut in the stem. Cocopeat should be wrapped around it with a rooting hormone once the roots grow, cut underneath the wrapping & plant. Watering should be done after the topsoil is dry.

General Tips – The plant develops stress and stops growing if exposed to these conditions - Under watering or over watering, Low humidity, Too little light, Relocation or repotting, Hot or cold air drafts, change in temperature (too hot or cold) & Pests.

Max reachable height: 2 feet

Bloom Time: Autumn and Spring 

Air purifier: Yes