Moon Cactus Grafted Red

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Moon Cactus Grafted Red

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They are good ornamental plants that can be used in tabletop as well. They are available in various shades eg orange, red and pink, etc. These are natives of South America and over 80 species are found in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Moon cactus is actually a mix of hibotan cactus at the top and rootstock cactus at the bottom as hibotan cactus cannot synthesize its own food and needs a root at the bottom to survive.

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Watering:Should be given once every week during summers and once every fortnight during winters. Allow the pot to dry out completely before watering. Light :Bright indirect sunlight, place slightly away from window indoors.



Potting – Well-drained soil is useful. A mix with 2 parts coco fiber, 2 parts bark, 1 part gravel, 0.5 part sand, 2 parts compost or perlite is best. The pots should have multiple drainage holes.

Watering Requirement – Water should be given once and then the complete pot should be allowed to dry out before giving the next round of water. Maybe once every week during summers and once every 15 days to a month during winters.

Light Requirement – Bright indirect sunlight. Since in real life they normally grow in the shade of larger trees, even indoor moon cactus should be shielded from bright direct sunlight at any point, hence should be placed slightly away from the window.

Propagation – Moon cactus is basically hibotan cactus grafted onto rootstock cactus, the two ends once grafted heal together and form the moon cactus. To extend the life of the hibotan cactus one can re graft into a fresh rootstock at a later date. Seeds can also be used, which can be put in a moistened mix and left to germinate, once germinated they can be replanted. The best way to propagate is by using moon cactus offsets which are smaller versions of the main plant which grows at the base of the rootstock. They can be cut and repotted in a new mix.

Fertilization – Fertilize cactus only in the spring and early summer. One should use a highly diluted fertilizer lower in nitrogen and higher in phosphorus and potassium. Overfeeding will not make the cactus bloom.

General Tips - Keep away from direct sun, don’t overwater, don’t disturb the plant or repot it again and again and the plant is good to go.

Plant Size: 1 inch to 2 inch

Plant Spread: 2 inches to 3 inch

Maximum Reachable height: 8 inch

Air purifier: No

Common name(s): Hibotan cactus, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii , Ruby Ball, Red Cap, Red Hibotan

Bloom time: During late spring or early summer


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