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It is a semi-succulent plant, it is a hardy plant, which can grow well with little care. They are easy to care for plants & a top choice for apartment dwellers. It can grow quite tall, unlike other varieties of peperomia. It is characterized by its thick spoon-shaped leaves.


Plant Size: - 5 inches to 10 inches. 

Plant Spread: - 4 inches to 6 inches.

Bloom time: - Autumn & Spring.

Max Reachable Height: Upto 2Ft.

Air purifier : - Yes.

The plant should be potted in we/1- drained soil. 1/3rdriver sand + 1/3rd garden soil + 1/3rd manure. If the soil in your area is harder then use more sand. Peat moss, compost & per /ite mix is also good.

Watering Details:

Watering should be lesser, else the plant develops root rot & dies. When the soil becomes hard at least 2 cm from the top, then only water.Don't give water from the leaves. Best is to dip the planter in water (Planter should be with hole) & make the soil wet till just below the surface. Don't place the plant in cold & high draft areas. Water once every 2 days during summer & every 5 days during winter.
Lightening Requirements :

Should be kept in bright light but without the sun. They like humid climate, a slightly warmer environment. During winters, the plant does not tolerate very low temperature, hence it should be kept in a greenhouse, slightly warmer place. Cannot tolerate direct sunlight else leaves will droop within 2-3 hours.
Plant Reproduction Details:

Plant should be cut around 3-4 leaf layers from the top. The cutting should be planted during the rainy season. Within a month of planting, the plant takes root & can be repotted.The plant can also be propagated through air layering. For air layering of this plant's barks should be removed from a small area, Cocopeat should be wrapped around it with a rooting hormone and once roots grow, cut underneath & plant. Also, the stem & the leaf can be put in water for 2-3 months & then roots grow. 
Fertilization Details:

Manure can be given twice every year (September & February preferably). Every 15 days NPK + Y2 spoon micronutrient in 1-liter water) can be given. Epsom salt can be given every month for better shade & leaves
General Information & Tips:

The plant has air purification proper ties. If exposed to the sun, the plant leaves variegation or the leaves burn. If the plant droops on one side, rotate the plant as the plant droops towards the source of light. If required to make tolook better, the leaf should be cleaned with a moist cloth. It is a hardy plant.Pests - Aphids, mealy bugs, insects, etc. Clean the leaves or out off the most affectedbranches/ leaves.