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Tips to take care of Snake Plants

Tips to take care of Snake Plants

  • Use good median soil (soil which allows for more aeration and water drainage) like a mix of Cocopeat, vermicompost and perlite, instead of regular soil.
  • Repot the plant when many plants grow in the same pot, covering the pot. Snake plant will typically have baby snakes growing along the sides in 3-4 months time.
  • Put 1 Feet away from South facing window to stop plants from becoming too hot. In other directions one can place near the window.
  • Rotate the plant every week from time to time to ensure equivalent amount of sunlight. Can be grown indoors also.
  • Ideal temperature for the plant is 5-30 Degree Celsius, should not be placed in too hot conditions, though they are relatively hardy plants.
  • Less water is better, water once every 2 days in summers or when soil is dry to touch. Don’t overwater.
  • Use room temperature water.
  • Water from the sides of the plant, don’t put water directly in the middle as the roots are delicate.
  • Use regular fertilizer (NPK 19:19:19 could be one) during spring.
  • Clean leaves with damp cloth when dusty.


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