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Tips to take care of Spider Plants

Tips to take care of Spider Plants

  • Require humid surrounding. Keep near other plants or under bigger plants shade or use moss on top of soil which can be watered regularly.
  • Use RO water if water is salty at your place.
  • Give room temperature water during summers and lukewarm water during extreme cold.
  • Don’t put in direct sunlight, put under filtered sunlight or bright light or if indoors preferably near east facing window.
  • Ideal soil mix for better growth is garden soil, vermicompost and cocopeat mix.
  • Brown leaf edges are a result of too much sunlight, less water or high temperature. Ensure placing them properly and watering if brown edges on leaves.
  • Keep the plant in areas which have good air circulation and stable temperature, if there is too much temperature fluctuation the plant starts dying.
  • Small pups start coming out specially during spring, one can propagate them by cutting them and placing in water for a week. Roots start growing after which they should be potted.
  • Water daily in summers and once every 2-3 days in winter.
  • Give organic fertilizer like vermicompost once every 2 months.