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Plantmojo Golden Money Plant, Air Purifier plant, Indoor Plant in Grey plastic self watering pot

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Golden money plant is a striking plant, with fleshy green-splashed foliage which is heart-shaped or oval. The reason for its popularity is that it thrives in any soil condition and can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors. Money plant is a flowering plant, but rarely flowers when grown indoors. Money Plant brings positive energy to your home and helps to purify indoor air. In Feng-Shui it is considered as Good Luck plant for prosperity. It is also known as Epipremnum Aureum (Scientific name) and is an evergreen vine. The pot is an aesthetically designed high quality grey plastic self watering pot, which ensures that the plant gets exactly the right amount of water and that the plant can be left without watering for as much as a week's time.

Key Product Features :
1) Golden money plant is a good indoor plant as it can prosper even in low light. Removes indoor pollutants and is an air purifier.
2) Golden money plant has beautiful golden heart shaped leaves and as per Feng Shui is a harbinger of good luck and prosperity.
3) Can be placed in living room, balcony, bedroom or in hanging baskets. It can prosper in any kind of soil, whether Clay, drought condition soil or soil full of small stones. Can survive in low light to direct sunlight, thus making it a very easy to care plant.
4) Plant in grey self watering pot. Effective self watering through capillary action, large pot for filling water to last upto a week for money plant, easy to fill.

Contents : 1 Golden Money plant, 1 grey plastic self watering pot (Height - 12.5 cm, Dia - 9 cm , Water filling capacity ~ 225 ml), 1 detailed tips for care booklet
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