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Plantmojo, Peperomia in ivory round ceramic pot

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It is a semi-succulent plant, which is a native of tropical areas. It is a hardy plant, which can grow well with very little care. Peperomia is a top choice for apartment dwellers. It is characterized by its thick spoon-shaped lush green leaves. Needs water only once or max twice a week.

Key Product Features :
1) Easy to care plant, with very minimal fertilisation (maximum twice a year), less attack from bugs. Use well drained soil for potting. An ideal potting mix is equal mix of river sand, garden soil & manure. Water only when the soil becomes hard at least 2 cm from the top. Don’t give water from the leaves.
2) Leaves are thick spoon shaped and look stunning lush green. In Peperomia more than 1500 species have been recorded, occurring in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world, though concentrated in Central America and northern South America.
3) Looks amazing when kept in living room or drawing room. Can survive with flourescent light as well. Ideally should be kept in bright light, but not direct sunlight. It is a perennial plant requiring minimal care.

Contents : 1 peperomia plant, 1 ceramic round pearl/ivory color pot (3.85 inch dia, 3.3 inch height), 1 detailed tips for care booklet. Plant height without the pot is - 3 to 5 inch. Plant spread ranges between - 3 to 5 inch.
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