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Plantmojo, Rubber plant, in Grey plastic Self watering pot

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The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is a popular ornamental plant from the Ficus genus. It is both an outdoor & indoor plant. It can be a great indoor plant as it has got beautiful dark color, purple leaves with glossy look. The plant is a NASA recommended air purifier which removes formaldehyde from the air.The pot is an aesthetically designed high quality matt white plastic self watering pot, which ensures that the plant gets exactly the right amount of water and that the plant can be left without watering for as much as a week's time.

Key Product Features :
1) NASA recommended air purifier which removes Formaldehyde from the air
2) Is both an outdoor and indoor plant. Looks stunning with dark color leaves, easy to care
3) Watering - Should be given water every time when surface become dry. Water once every 1-2 days in summer and once every 3-4 days in winters
Light - For best results it has to be kept indoors in good light areas, outside keep in shade else leaves lose color
Potting Soil - 50% garden soil + 30% sand + 20% vermicompost + cowdung
4) Fertilization – Feed during spring and summer with a diluted liquid fertilizer every two weeks. It is a slow growing plant. Does not require lot of fertilizers & once grown can survive without fertilizer
Propagation - Cutting should be taken at least 3-4 leaf layers below the top & planted during rainy season
5) Plant in matt white self watering pot. Effective self watering through capillary action, large pot for filling water to last upto a week for rubber plant, easy to fill.

Contents : 1 Rubber plant, 1 white plastic self watering pot (Height - 12.5 cm, Dia - 9 cm , Water filling capacity ~ 225 ml), 1 detailed tips for care booklet
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