Sedum Confusum

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Sedum Confusum

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It is a beautiful perennial plant that gets spread over the ground and makes a great foliage mat. It is very easy to grow and requires very little attention. It is a stress-tolerant plant and hence can survive under hot or drought conditions. Its common name is stonecrop succulent because many farmhands believe that only stone requires less care.


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Watering: Once every week during summers and once every fortnight during winters. New plants require more frequent watering, soil should be moist until it grows and roots itself. Light : Direct sunlight or at least partial sun.



Potting - Succulents thrive best in acidic soil with a pH of 5.5. The soil mix should be well-draining soil. A mix of perlite, pine bark, garden soil, sand and a little bit of Sulphur will be best. Alternatively one can use coarse sand, soil, peat and crushed charcoal. For succulents, the soil should be well aerated. Also, the planters should have a hole. In the case of repotting, the new pot should be a few inches bigger than the previous one. Firstly put the plant with some soil into the new pot and then fill the space with succulent mix

Watering – New and young plants require frequent watering i.e the soil should be moist until it grows root and supports itself for its growth. Once it becomes mature, water it once in a week.

Light Requirement – It grows well and bloom where there is bright sunlight. So place your plant where it gets direct sunlight or partial sunlight.

Fertilization – as such, fertilizer is not necessary. However mature and rooted succulents can tolerate an application of balanced and slow-release fertilizers for its growth. But succulent soil should have 50-60% minerals.

Propagation – It automatically propagates through fallen leaves, can also be propagated through stem cuttings or even leaf cuttings

General Tips – Overwatering is the biggest enemy of succulent care.

Plant Size: 2 to 3 inches

Plant Spread: 2 to 3 inches

Max reachable height: 5 inches

Bloom Time: Spring and Summers

Air purifier: No



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