Sedum Morgianum

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Sedum Morgianum

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It is one of the most popular succulents popularly known as Lamb’s tail, burro’s tail or horse’s tail and has got fleshy green leaves. It can be used as a hanging plant or trailer. In fact, they are also known as a forgiving plant because if you forget to plant them once or twice, they’ll probably grow fine.

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Watering : Once every week during summers and once every fortnight during winters. Light : Direct sunlight or at least partial sun or morning sunlight.



Potting - Succulents thrive best in acidic soil with a pH of 5.5. The soil mix should be well-draining soil. A mix of perlite, pine bark, garden soil, sand and a little bit of Sulphur will be best. If you are deciding to re-pot it again, make sure the soil is dry at first and place the plant in the pot first with some soil then refill the remaining place. Keep the soil dry for a few days then start watering. Firstly, peel off the bottom of the stem, keep it aside to get heel only then repot it by using the fertilizers in an equal amount.

Watering – Do not water very often as it is a succulent plant and will store a lot of water in its stem. But make sure to water it after one or two weeks during summers and once every fortnight to a month during winters.

Light Requirement – It will grow better if the plant get partial sunlight or morning sunlight most often

Fertilization – When the plant is young it prefers fertilizer with less amount of nitrogen. After it matures, provide controlled fertilizer with an equal amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous either in fewer concentrations with normal watering or once every 2 months.

Propagation – It can be propagated by using either seeds or cuttings. The most interesting fact about it is that it can grow from individual leaf if it is placed in cacti mix. If stem is used for propagation then peel off the bottom few leaves and let it heal for a few days before planting.

General Tips – Overwatering results in very quick root rot and will destroy the plant. To prevent this from happening, ensure adequate drainage holes in the planter and also an adequate amount of coco peat and perlite in the mix which will ensure moistness without muddy soil.


Plant Size: 2 inch to 3 inch
Plant Spread: 1 inch to 2 inch
Pot Size: 3 inch
Weight: 100-150 gm
Max reachable height: 4 inch
Bloom Time: Summers
Other Names : Lamb’s tail, burro’s tail or horse’s tail, Donkeys tail succulent, Forgiving succulent
Air purifier : No


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